Multimedia Website Design Template
Place website advertising & functional links up here.
Place sample game/video links &, possibly, a search bar here.

Chess   You might also want to watch:

This is the place to put a brief explanation of the game/video & your comments.

This is the place to add extra comments from users (i.e.: use a blogging script for this). This can be omitted if desired.
Naturally, place the game/video applet in the table provided above; don't forget to include its title &, if possible, any credit to the author. Note that all the images, game applets, video player applet & video files are stored in separate directories; make sure that all the directories & files are uploaded to a web server AS THEY ARE (i.e.: make sure that no files are missing or that, if any of the directories or the directory structure itself is modified, that the web page's code reflects this).

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