BartPE Boot Disks


BartPE (Bart's Pre-Installation Environment) is a very special series of files that has been assembled as a boot disk creation system by Bart Lagerweij, an IT expert & boot disk maker.

Most bootable disks involve the strict use of MS-DOS. Even though DOS is very powerful on a boot disk, it is quite difficult to use & requires a fair amount of DOS knowledge. BartPE is different. Why? Because the BartPE system installs Windows onto an optical disk instead of installing DOS onto a floppy disk!!!

Imagine this; a simple optical disk that can run its own version of Windows instead of running Windows off of a hard drive! That's what BartPE does; it allows users to install Windows onto an optical disk along with any 32-bit program of their choice (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, any anti-virus program, any hard drive testing tool, any archiving tool, etc.).

So how can the boot disk be created? All that's needed are the BartPE system files, optical disks, computer repair/diagnostics programs & several files called "plug-ins." The plug-ins are used by the BartPE system to know which diagnostics programs to include on the disk.

Firstly, download the BartPE system files here or in the Downloads page. Then, extract the zip file anywhere on the hard drive, in any directory.

Secondly, make sure that all the diagnostics programs & third-party tools needed on the boot disk are already installed on the computer to begin with.

Thirdly, search the web for, download & install all the plug-ins that correspond to the third-party programs that are needed. These plug-ins come in the form of zip, 7zip, rar or cabinet files. Once these files are found, extract them to the PLUGIN folder (located where the BartPE system files were extracted). Doing this will create extra folders inside the PLUGIN directory.

Some good places to find plug-ins for BartPE are Paraglider's BartPE Plugins, & Ross Smith's BartPE Plugins. Another good place to find plug-ins is here.

Fourthly, search the Program Files directory of Windows for the needed third-party tools, copy the third-party program files & paste them into the directories of their respective plug-ins (for example, copy all the Symantec Ghost files & paste them into PLUGIN/GHOST8).

Lastly, once all the third-party programs have been copied into the PLUGIN directory, run the program pebuilder.exe. This will execute the main BartPE system program. When the program starts, agree to the license agreement & select "Yes" to searching for the Windows system files. Under the Custom heading, type the full directory path to the PLUGIN folder. Once this is done, it is time to make the boot disk.

The BartPE system allows users to either burn the optical disk into a boot disk in one shot OR create an ISO image that can be burned onto an optical disk at a later time. In either case, making a boot disk takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Also note that if an ISO file is made, the boot disk can be tested in a computer virtualisation program before actually burning the optical disk.

And now, after the boot disk has been created, test it. Change the boot priority of the computer to boot from optical disks first, insert the disk & reboot. The boot disk will take almost 10 seconds to load (unless there are a huge number of programs on the disk, which could make a 5 minute delay). After the boot process, there should be a Start button at the bottom-left corner of the screen with all the needed third-party programs.

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