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This site is meant to be a reference portal on hardware modification, software emulation, computer repair & hobby electronics, among other subjects. Through this site's forum, anyone can freely post tips, tricks & tutorials of their own; allowing for a community-contributed reference portal on the subject matter of technology, from computer maintenance to amateur radio.

Even though this website contains tutorials on how to compile images of video game cartridges, floppy disks & other forms of media, the creator of this site does NOT condone software piracy (i.e.: the illegal distribution of copyrighted data, be it in the form of a video game image or an executable computer program) & will NOT be held liable or responsible for the misuse of these tutorials by anyone.

Please note that all the downloadable programs, drivers & documents on this site are stored & distributed in accordance with the license agreements of those who created them. Also note that all the downloadable programs, drivers & documents on this site are licensed as either free or open-source software by their respective copyright holders.

By logging onto this website, all readers must agree to obey all software licenses & all international copyright laws including, but not limited to, those of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union & the current nation of residence in which any internet user may have access to a computer, the internet & this website.

vNES is copyrighted by Jamie Sanders & the vNES Team. Virtual PC, MS-DOS & all versions of the Windows operating system are copyrighted by Microsoft. Nestopia is copyrighted by Martin Freij. BartPE is copyrighted by Bart Lagerweij. Jac64 is copyrighted by the Jac64 Team. XBCD, XBAudio, XBMemory & ControlMK are copyrighted by Redcl0ud. VICE is copyrighted by the VICE Team. ZSNES is copyrighted by zsKnight & the ZSNES Team. Gens is copyrighted by Stéphane Dallongeville & the Gens Team. Project64 is copyrighted by the Project64 Team. Virtual TI is copyrighted by Rusty Wagner. FlashNSF is copyrighted by P1XL Games. All other applets, programs, tips & tricks are copyrighted by their original creators & are either distributed under a freeware or an open-source license.

Special thanks to Jonathon Keogh of the Just-Owns network, Tony King of www.n2flash.com, Camo Yoshi & to the Bagelbox network for previously hosting this site, with much gratitude to bananafish of bananabox for currently (& generously) hosting this site. And special thanks to Jamie Sanders & the vNES Team for making such a wonderful NES emulator applet. Please support the vNES team by logging onto www.virtualnes.com & pledging a donation, be it in money or in physical NES game cartridges.

Many thanks to Tyler Tadlog for his hard work & contributions to this website in bringing it to full W3C standards compliance. If it weren't for his hard work, aspiring web designers would not have a relyable template for designing websites with valid HTML or CSS code, both of which are important to the evolution of the internet.

Only the textual content (in PDF, text file & HTML format) & images contained within this website may be freely copied, distributed, modified & used as a template for other websites. All content available through the Downloads page may be distributed in verbatim only & may not be modified unless otherwise indicated through a license or through express written permission from the original creator. All non-textual content stored in this website's servers which are not accessible through the Downloads page may not be copied, distributed, modified or used in any way; such a breech is a punishable offence.

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